Dr. Amy Gonsalves - Veterinarian


Dr. Amy Gonsalves was born and raised on a farm in Iowa until the age of 11.

She then moved to Baton Rouge and split her time between Iowa and Louisiana until entering college. She completed her Bachelors in Animal Science, a Masters in Ruminant Nutrition, and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at LSU (c/o 2008).

Dr. Gonsalves has been blessed with an amazing husband and two children that keep her on her toes! Being active in church and fellowship are very important to her. In her spare time, she loves playing tennis, drawing, painting, and having adventures with her family. She has a Cornish Rex cat named Ginger who rules the house and everyone in it.

She enjoys challenging internal medicine cases, discussions about behavior issues, and decreasing the general fear many pets have about vet visits.