Dog & Cat


We have an indoor kenneling facility for dogs and cats, and offer limited boarding services.

All pets boarded with us are managed by our veterinary technician staff.  Should you need to kennel your pet, you can be assured that they are treated with tender loving care just as all of our patients are.

As we are primarily a veterinary hospital, we have very limited space available for kenneling pets.  We do reserve kennel reservations for patients who are current on their vaccines through us.  We recommend booking these reservations as soon as possible since the availability is limited.

A reservation must be made with our office before we can assure you of a space available for your needs.  Often while we are booking summer vacations or trips to relatives' houses through the holidays, we postpone taking care of what to do with our pets while we are away.  By booking your pets' kenneling as early as you can, you eliminate the frustration of that last-minute scramble.  And who doesn't love eliminating frustration?

If your pet is current on vaccinations elsewhere and you need to make boarding reservations, we can recommend some great kennels in the area.