Quicker results get quicker treatment.

Many of the diagnostic tests and procedures that our Veterinarians recommend can be done here while you wait.

Cats and dogs can be very stoic when it comes to pain or problems they're having, so when the symptoms are finally noticeable, it is imperative that we begin treatment soon.  Waiting days and weeks for test results or imaging can be the difference between life or death.  Since we can perform many tests and procedures here, we are increasing the potential for your pet's improvement.

We know when to ask for help.

When our Veterinarians need a specialist's help, or need a test or procedure performed that cannot be done here, we know who to call!

We work with several outside laboratories that can get us results within 24-48 hours.  We've also hand-picked the best specialists in the Houston area to help us on critical cases.  Whenever the need arises, our staff can get your pet the diagnostic help they need quickly and carefully, whether it's here or elsewhere.