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Taking care of a pet can be confusing, so we're here to help.  No question is off-limits because we know your pet's health is important.

Our staff will help you navigate your way through pet ownership.  Regardless of what you need, we have the answers, so ask away.  Are you a new pet owner and need guidance?  We've all been there and can help you out.  Learning is half the fun!

Have questions about your pet's vaccines or medicines and don't know whose opinion to trust?  Let's find out what's best for your particular pet.  Got a question you think is too embarrassing to ask us?  It's OK, we've heard it all.  If your pet's health is on the line, we'll make sure you get the help you need without any of the worries.

  • A heavy flea load can cause anemia and death in very young and underweight animals.

  • Heart worm medications given correctly can reduce intestinal parasites as well as protect against heart worms.

  • Parvo is preventable - get your pet vaccinated.

  • Cats, as well as dogs, can get heart worms.  (And it's preventable!)

  • Diabetes can be detected early and can be managed - screening is available.

  • Dental care is very important to maintain overall good health.

  • A whopping 60% of dog owners skip or do not give the heart worm medication on a regular basis.

  • Heart worm disease is completely preventable.  Preventatives come in pill (oral) form, or in a convenient 6-month injection.

  • Animals need a balanced diet.  Adding table food to their diet can lead to many illnesses.

  • Chocolate is very bad for our pets even though they love it.

  • Many household plants are poisonous to our pets - check your homes for these plants.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, give our office a call at      281-784-0448.

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