We offer a wide range of general surgeries as well as some orthopedic procedures.

These surgeries are performed using the latest methods of surgical techniques and anesthesia.  Surgeries are performed daily Monday-Friday during the morning hours.  Usually, your pet will arrive in the morning and go home that same afternoon.


During and after surgery, each pet is attended by experienced staff members and monitoring equipment. When necessary, written instructions that explain follow-up care are provided at discharge.

Many clients are concerned with anesthesia and the idea that their pets will experience discomfort with surgery.

We strive to offer every precaution available in order to lessen these concerns.  Pre-surgical lab screening and Pain Management Therapy are offered for all surgery patients.


The pre-surgical blood work is done in-house so that the results are known within a few minutes.  The findings of these tests will give indications of how well your pet will do under anesthesia and might determine if surgery should be postponed or canceled.


 Our friendly office staff can give you more information on surgeries and the options offered.

​Do we perform Neuter / Spay procedures? Yes, unless you're planning on breeding your pet and have several potential owners for the puppies and kittens lined up, we highly recommend spaying or neutering!  

Do we perform dental cleanings?  Yes, we perform them under general anesthesia, and the Veterinarian will need to evaluate your pet's teeth before scheduling.

Do we perform artificial insemination?  Yes, on certain breeds of dogs.

Do we perform de-barkings?  NO, we do not perform or recommend this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions